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• 01 SEP 2020 - Review - Fanfare - Robert Markow

Violinist Rachel Kolly d’Alba has that magical touch that commands attention from the first sounds that strike the ears – a shimmering, embracing tone (she plays a 1732 Strad), a fast vibrato that recalls Heifetz, a sense that there is no effort involved in her playing, a huge range of colors and dynamics, and a capacity for unlimited expressivity without resorting to exaggeration. Christian Chamorel has been her pianist for a quarter of a century now (they met when they were twelve and thirteen), and it shows. These Swiss musicians are of a single mind musically, each innately sensitive to the playing of the other.

BRUCKNER Symphony No. 4 (1886, ed. Nowak, 1953) ● Prêtre/Stuttgart RSO ● LIVE Weitblick 0203-2

MAHLER Symphony No. 1 ● Fischer/Düsseldorf SO ● LIVE AVI-MUSIC 8553390

STRAUSS Violin Sonata. “Epheu.” LEKEU Violin Sonata. “Sur un tombe.” ● d’Alba/Chamorel ● INDÉSENS 098

BEFORE MOZART: Early Horn Concertos ● Frank-Gemmill/McGegan/Swedish CO ● BIS 2315 (SACD)

C. FÖRSTER Horn Concerto in E-flat. TELEMANN Horn Concerto in D, TWV 51:D8. NERUDA Horn Concerto in E-flat. L. MOZART Sinfonia da camera. HAYDN Horn Concerto No. 1

THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM ● American Hn Qrt/Queensland S Horns ● MSR 1650