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Rachel Kolly, violin

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- 20. Oct. 2011, published in « Hear the world magazine »

«A feast for the eyes and ears – Rachel Kolly d’Alba

Ever since the visual side to things has started to play an important role, classical music has given us artists like David Garrett and Vanessa Mae who have thoroughly revamped the genre’s tired image and are increasingly igniting young people’s passion for classical music.

The extraordinary young Swiss violinist Rachel Kolly d’Alba is definitely one of these artists and is remembered primarily for both her musical skills and her stunning appearance. With her trademark red hair and striking make-up, the all-round musician pulls out all the stops in her playing and with her album Passion Ysaÿe pays tribute to Belgian com-poser and violinist Eugène Ysaÿe, who died in 1931.

Both have something in common, namely that they started their musical careers at the tender age of five and display a predilection for their instrument, a Stradivari. Yet Kolly d’Alba, a regular at international festivals and a popular guest musician at prestigious orchestras all over the world, is certainly not just an impressive figure in classical music, but moreover displays a great interest in contemporary music. Corresponding recordings attest to the artist’s versatility. At times almost somewhat strident for an untrained ear, Kolly d’Alba demonstrates masterful skill and endurance in all musical fields. The literal passion of Passion Ysaÿe is hard to forget, and it is not only the jubilant international music press that is eagerly awaiting Kolly d’Alba’s upcoming projects. We can hardly wait to see what the soloist will produce next.!»


Rachel Kolly d Alba, «Passion Ysaÿe» (Warner)


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